Maggie & Betsy - Portraits in Still Life

I recently accepted a painting commission with a concept I utterly adore. The patron, Ashley, asked me to create two paintings inspired by her two daughters' personalities using their favorite foods as a vehicle of expression. The painting with a pea and French macaroons represents Betsy, a two year-old as described by Ashley as thus:

  • Betsy is our clever, gregarious little clown
  • She loves to make people laugh and loves to laugh
  • She is feisty and rather demanding, but quick to pull a funny face
  • Her favorite foods are honey, cookies, frozen peas, and baby oranges

"Betsy" | oil on linen | 4x6"

Here is Ashley's description of her older daughter, a four year-old named Maggie:

  • Maggie is very empathetic, articulate, creative and insightful
  • She is a little bit serious and a little bit of a know-it-all
  • She takes her role of big sister very seriously - adores her baby sister and loves teaching her new things
  • Her favorite foods are spaghetti, ice-cream (in cones), asparagus and broccoli

"Maggie" | oil on linen | 6x4"