Julia & Levi - Portraits in Still Life

I created the paintings below for a mother who wanted to surprise her husband for Father's Day. Each painting represents one of their children. I used the descriptions provided by the mother to select the food subjects and arrange the composition. She gave me full reign and left the outcome a surprise. I received a rather touching email from her after I revealed the final paintings to her.

Julia, 6 years old

  • Favorite foods: seafood (salmon, clams, shrimp, crab, sushi) & ribs
  • Sweets: macaroons; vanilla or mint ice cream; banana splits, dark chocolate
  • Personality: Julia fought hard as a baby to survive, and I swear she has more passion about life than anyone I know. She is adventurous and loves to get dirty. She is also very much the first born -- likes to do things right, follows rules, is a leader and little sassy!
"Julia" | 4x6" | oil on linen

"Julia" | 4x6" | oil on linen

Levi, 2 1/2 years old

  • Favorite foods: fruit (LOVES bananas, mangoes, grapes, strawberries) & milk
  • Sweets: lollipops; ice cream; Smarties candy (but would rather have a banana most days)
  • Personality: Levi is very much a boy. He loves loud things--drums especially. He's very stubborn, likes his routine, and is very vocal when he is not up for something. And he really loves and looks up to his big sister!

"Levi" | 4x6" | oil on linen