I work in a studio in Garden City, Idaho, where I take inspiration from the local food growers and surrounding landscapes for my oil paintings. I sell my artwork at Capitol Contemporary Gallery (Boise), fine art fairs, BOSCO (Boise Open Studio Collective), online and by commission. I earned a double-major at the University of Washington in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts and Journalism, including a study abroad session in Sienna, Italy.

When not painting, you can find me chasing my four-year-old, running in the foothills with my dog, camping, mountain biking, playing Ultimate Frisbee at Ann Morrison Park, fly fishing with my husband, dancing, laughing loudly and frequently, or reading a novel by the wood burning stove in our 1917 home.


I am a realist oil painter paying homage to life in the West from land to table in my paintings. Joy exists in living in the present moment. To observe the beauty, the light, in every little detail is to truly see an object. I want viewers to feel present with my subject matter and believe it exists, like you could reach into the canvas and squeeze a lemon or feel the texture of a bison.

To enhance realism in my still life, I employ trompe l'oeil, chiaroscuro, and strong light sources. I stray from a stuffy take on realist still life by setting up subjects in personified compositions—occasionally a bit naughty—and use humorous titles to push the irreverence. I seek to bring attention to the visual exquisiteness of fresh produce, the seemingly everyday objects that provide us sustenance. I purchase fruit, vegetables and even dounuts for my subjects grown sustainably and locally when possible.

For landscapes, I work with professional photographers for wildlife reference photos and my own photos on outdoor adventures with my family. I feel most drawn to intense light, powerful weather, and striking colors. I capture those moments when nature enraptures us with the power of a fleeting moment, like a gift we earned for being present with the environment.